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Arlo's latest children's book. A boy confronts the monsters in his room with the help of his dad.


32 pages; First Edition Hard Cover; 2015 ISBN: 978-0-9961358-2-5 dimensions: 8.25" x 8.25" weight: 9 oz. Printed locally in the Berkshires at a solar-powered plant. ________________________________________________________________________ Reviews from Don’t be scared By wogan TOP 500 REVIEWER on November 29, 2015 Format: Hardcover Arlo Guthrie has done it again. He has written another realistic, but yet charming book for children and those who are young at heart. The illustrations are well done, colour drawings with a father who resembles Arlo’s father – Woody Guthrie. Almost everyone can remember being scared of the dark – keeping your feet tucked in so the monsters under the bed cannot grab you. Arlo does a marvelous job of reassuring with this story of a boy and how his father, tells him how to cope with the imaginary monsters. This is truly a book that would be good for any child old or young. ________________________________________________________________________ Peace and Love By elizabeth lunt on December 1, 2015 Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase What a wonderful book for children and adults alike! The text is pleasantly lyrical and the illustrations are beautifully done. What I especially loved and appreciated was the confronting/"meeting" of the monsters, and not pretending they aren't really "living" (at least in our minds) Arlo credits his teacher and guru, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati with helping him to learn that fear is always of the mind. This is something all good teachers do and I could feel that thread running like gold through the text. As a mother of five grown children, and a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher for over 20 years, this will be to be a book I plan to treasure and share with the many children in my life. I had the joy and pleasure of meeting and talking with Arlo several years ago, and a nicer man you could not meet. Thank you Arlo for this gift! Love, Beth