Banjoman - a Tribute to Derroll Adams CD (2002)

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Banjoman - a Tribute to Derroll Adams CD (2002)

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  1. Columbus Stockade Blues (Hans Theessink, Donovan & Arlo Guthrie)

  2. Portland Town (Arlo Guthrie)

  3. The Cuckoo (Ramblin' Jack Elliott)

  4. Freight Train Blues (Hans Theessink & Arlo Guthrie)

  5. The Mountain (Donovan)

  6. The Sky (Allan Taylor)

  7. The Valley (Hans Theessink & Donovan)

  8. Curtains of Night (Youra Marcus)

  9. Dixie Darling (Dolly Parton & Arlo Guthrie)

  10. Muleskinner Blues (Ramblin' Jack Elliott & Arlo Guthrie)

  11. 24 Hours A Day (Hans Theessink)

  12. Epistle to Derroll (Donovan)

  13. A Feather Fell (Ralph McTell)

  14. Banjo Man (Allan Taylor)

  15. The Rock (Billy Connolly)

  16. Memories (Happy Traum)

  17. Lovesong (Donovan)

  18. Willie Moore (Wizz Jones)

  19. The Rock (Ramblin' Jack Elliott)

  20. Goodbye Derroll, Goodbye Friend (Tucker Zimmerman)

  21. A Profound and Beautiful Sadness (Derroll Adams)



Extended Play CD Tribute to Derroll Adams with Arlo Guthrie, Hans Theessink, Donovan, Dolly Parton, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Allan Taylor, Youra Marcus, Ralph McTell, Billy Connolly, Happy Traum, Wizz Jones, & Derroll Adams. 

Produced by Hans Theessink & Arlo Guthrie

Project coordination – Milica Theessink
Mastered by Toby Mountain, Northeastern Digital Recording, Inc. 
Design & layout – Harald Ergott