Arlo Guthrie - The First 50 Years (Exceptin' Alice) CD/Book Set

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Arlo Guthrie - The First 50 Years (Exceptin' Alice) CD/Book Set

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Accompanied by a two-disc collection of songs written by Arlo over the last 50 years… exceptin’ Alice, The First 50 Years features 30 tracks, all personally picked by The Guthries—3 of which released here for the first time ever!  This project is a very personal glimpse into the works of Guthrie since the very beginning, containing thoughts and reminiscences of the times and inspirations by Arlo and family.

Disc One:
If Ever I Should See the Mountain (Tales; 1969)
Hurry to Me (Tales; 1969)
Coming Into LA (Running; 1969)
Fence Post Blues (Washington; 1970)
Gabriel’s Mother’s Highway Ballad #16 Blues (Washington; 1970)
I Could Be Singing (Washington; 1970)
Days Are Short (Hobo; 1972)
Week on the Rag (Brooklyn; 1973)
Last Train (Brooklyn; 1973)
Cowboy Song (Brooklyn; 1973)
Cooper’s Lament (Brooklyn; 1973)
Hold On To Me (unreleased; 1974)*
Won’t Be Long (Arlo Guthrie; 1974)
Presidential Rag (Arlo Guthrie; 1974)
Me & My Goose (Arlo Guthrie; 1974)
Last to Leave (Arlo Guthrie; 1974)

Disc Two:
Patriots’ Dream (Amigo; 1976)
My Love (Amigo; 1976)
Ocean Crossing (Amigo; 1976)
Band Song (unreleased; 1978)*
Prologue (Outlasting; 1979)
Which Side Are You On (Outlasting; 1979)
World Away (Outlasting; 1979)
Bubble Gum (Early 1980’s)*
All Over the World (Someday; 1983)
Russian Girls (Someday; 1983)
Here We Are/ Way Out in the Country (Someday; 1983)
Someday (Someday; 1983)
My Old Friend (Sydney; 2005)
In Times Like These (In Times; 2009)

* Previously unreleased



The First 50 Years (Exceptin' Alice) is a new 60 page, full color hardcover book including personal recollections, handwritten lyrics, and rare photos from the Arlo & Jackie Guthrie Family Archives, accompanied by 2 CDs which include previously unreleased material.

Produced by Arlo Guthrie.
Compiled by Rising Son Records.