Arlo Guthrie - Outlasting the Blues CD (1979)

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Arlo Guthrie - Outlasting the Blues CD (1979)

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1. Prologue 
2. Which Side 
3. Wedding Song 
4. World Away From Me 
5. Epilogue 
6. Telephone 
7. Sailing Down This Golden River 
8. Carry Me Over 
9. Underground 
10. Drowning Man 
11. Evangelina



Arlo’s second album with his band Shenandoah. Consisting of tight harmonies, top-notch players and the addition of exceptional string arrangements, Outlasting the Blues delivers an extremely satisfying folk-rock collection with a fresh outlook.

Produced by John Pilla
Engineered by Les Kahn
Assistant Engineer: Jesse Henderson
Recorded & Mixed at Long View Farm Studios, No. Brookfield, MA.
Mastered at Warner Bros. Studios, No. Hollywood, CA

David Grover: guitars & vocals
Dan Velika: bass, guitar & vocals
Steve Ide: guitars & vocals
Carol Ide: percussion, vocals & scarf
Terry A La Berry Hall: drums, marimba & vocals

Strings: arranged by Arlo Guthrie & David Grover
Violins: Peter Sacco, Davis Brooks, Ann Saughnessy, Michael Gillette Violas: Paul Yarbrough, Helen Huybrechts
Cellos: David Darling, Thomas Austin
Bass: Gordon Johnson
Peter Adams: steel guitar
John Pilla: guitar, vocal & finger cymbals
John Sauer: piano on “Carry Me Over”, organ on “Wedding Song”
John Culpo: accordion
Ron Sloan: harmonica

Cover photography by John PIlla.