Arlo Guthrie - Outlasting the Blues (1979)

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Arlo Guthrie - Outlasting the Blues (1979)

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1. Prologue 
2. Which Side 
3. Wedding Song 
4. World Away From Me 
5. Epilogue 
6. Telephone 
7. Sailing Down This Golden River 
8. Carry Me Over 
9. Underground 
10. Drowning Man 
11. Evangelina



This is Arlo's second album with Shenandoah, this time recorded at Long View Farms Studio in MA. The hallmarks of this album are tight vocals and harmonies and fabulous picking and playing of all involved. The addition of a sizeable string section adds a whole new dimension to the sound. Shenandoah is comprised of David Grover on guitars and vocals, Dan Velika on bass, guitar and vocals, Steve Ide on guitars and vocals, Carol Ide on percussions and vocals, and Terry "A la Berry" Hall on drums, marimba and vocals.