Arlo Guthrie - One Night CD (1978)

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Arlo Guthrie - One Night CD (1978)

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Special 40th Anniversary Edition. 

1. One Night 
2. I've Just Seen A Face 
3. Tennessee Stud 
4. Anytime 
5. Little Beggar Man 
6. Buffalo Skinners 
7. St. Louis Tickle (Instrumental) 
8. The Story Of Reuben Clamzo & His Strange Daughter In The Key Of A 
9. (Last Night I Had The) Strangest Dream

A live concert recording. Arlo teamed up with Shenandoah, a local band in the Berkshire mountain region of Massachusetts in the Fall of 1976. They toured together for about a decade. "One Night" is their debut recording and was recorded over many nights as the band went from place to place wherever their touring schedule took them.

There was no fixing things up in the studio on this recording - It's all as it happened, when it happened. With David Grover, Terry A La Berry, Dan Velika, Steve and Carol Ide, Arlo romps through some of the funniest nights ever recorded - at least as far as they were concerned. You can hear them trying to continue as things get stranger and stranger in "The Story Of Reuben Clamzo & His Strange Daughter In The Key Of A."

Remastered 2016 



Arlo Guthrie with Shenandoah (LIVE)
Arlo Guthrie — piano, guitar, banjo & vocals
Starring • David Grover, guitar, banjo & vocals
Co-Starring • Carol Ide, guitar, percussion & vocals
Introducing • Steve Ide, guitar, trombone & vocals
Featuring • Dan Velika, bass & vocals
& a special guest appearance by Terry A La Berry, drums & vocals

Produced By John Pilla
Recorded & engineered by Peter V. Giansante for Maryland Sound Industries
Remixed by Raffaello Mazza and Donn Landee at Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood
Production Assistants/Vee-Toe Giansante, Noel Newbolt, Penny Ringwood and Bruce Clapper
Art Direction/John Cabalka • Photography/John Pilla
Handlettering/Vigon Nahas Vigon