Arlo Guthrie - Mystic Journey (1996)

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Arlo Guthrie - Mystic Journey (1996)

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1. Moon Song
2. Face Of Time
3. The Mystic Journey
4. Under Cover Of Night
5. You Are The Song
6. Doors To Heaven
7. Wake Up Dead
8. When A Soldier Makes It Home
9. Stairs
10. All This Stuff Takes Time
11. I'll Be With You Tonight


Produced by Arlo & Abe Guthrie
Recorded at Derek Studios, Dalton, MA
Horn section recorded at The Church in Housatonic, MA
Engineered by Greg Steele

Digitally Mastered by Toby Mountain • Northeastern Digital Recording, Inc Southboro, MA

Special Thanks: Terry at Dream Away Lodge and Father Joseph
Extra Special thanks to Dawn, Amy, Yola, Terry & Cindy

Cover design, layout and artwork by Abe Guthrie
Original artwork by Arlo Guthrie
Cover photo by Andrew Brusso